Shaggie® Ghillie Suit Deluxe Ultralight LongcoatItem Number: 7101X
$279.99 $279.99
Made in the US
Shaggie® Ghillie Suit Deluxe Ultralight Longcoat

Shaggie® Ghillie Suit Deluxe Ultralight Longcoat

Item Number: 7101X
$279.99 $279.99
Made in the US

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The Shaggie® ghillie suit is the ultimate all-purpose camouflage. Lightweight and breathable for all-day hunts in the heat and cold. Travels easy as you can roll it up into a bundle and carry with shoulder strap. Includes boonie hat and face mask for complete concealment.

Made of a 50/50 Jute Burlap and Cotton blend. The uneven cuts of fabrics help you to blend in with all terrains. The Shaggie® Longcoat ghillie suit completely eliminates the outline and shape of the human figure.

This is the original Ghillie suit made for military, law enforcement, bowhunters, photographers, and paint ball players. It's made to conveniently fit over your street clothing. Jeriflage® camo.

Girth for all of the sizes is 72". Medium sleeve length is 36". Large sleeve length is 38". XLarge sleeve length is 40".

Available in Medium (5' 6" to 6' tall), Large (6' to 6' 4" tall), and XLarge (6' 4" andup). Please specify.

Great to pair with the Camo Fleece Knee Pads

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Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm