Scout Pro Fire PistonItem Number: 6580-5
$55.99 $45.99
Made in the US
Scout Pro Fire Piston

Scout Pro Fire Piston

Item Number: 6580-5
$55.99 $45.99
Made in the US

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In a survival situation, fire is an absolute necessity. The Scout Pro Fire Piston from Wilderness Solutions gives you a compact, portable, and easy way to build a fire outdoors.

This is a great tool for bow hunters, campers, or outdoors men. Features an Aluminum piston rod, nylon carry cord, and 2nd generation pressure relief system. This system keeps the piston securely inside the cylinder while traveling.

When you're ready to use the Scout Pro Fire Piston, remove the piston, insert a small amount of the char cloth into the cylinder cavity, then insert the piston into the cylinder until the O-Ring is in the cylinder. Use the heel of your palm to push the piston forcefully into the cylinder, igniting the char cloth. Using the jute fiber as a fire nest, place the ignited char cloth on it to start your fire.

When you are done, turn the venting screw one full turn, insert the piston gently back into the cylinder, then tighten the screw to secure the piston to the cylinder.

Designed after the fire pistons developed in Indonesia, this ingenious device makes camping, hunting, or hiking an authentic traditional experience!

Comes with piston, cylinder, char cloth, jute fiber tinder, extra o-ring, and detailed instructions. Don't leave for your next outdoor expedition without it!

The piston rod is made from aluminum, while the body of the piston and cylinder are made from Delrin® plastic (a compound which exhibits high stiffness, low friction, and exceptional stability.) The piston and cylinder unit measures approximately 4¼" long x 7/8" wide, and weighs approximately 3 ounces.
  • Compact and Portable
  • Second Generation Pressure Relief System
  • Designed After Indonesian Fire Pistons
  • Piston Rod is Made from Aluminum
  • Piston and Cylinder Body are Made from Delrin® Plastic
  • Measures Approx. 4¼" Long x 7/8" Wide
  • Weighs Approx. 3 oz.

  • Comes with:
  • Piston
  • Cylinder
  • Nylon Carry Cord
  • Char Cloth
  • Jute Fiber
  • Extra O-Ring
  • Detailed Instructions