Quick Stitch Sewing AwlItem Number: 15518
$14.99 $14.99
Quick Stitch Sewing Awl

Quick Stitch Sewing Awl

Item Number: 15518
$14.99 $14.99

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If you want to make gear from tough leather and hide you need tools that are up to the challenge. The Quick Stitch Sewing Awl lets you punch through tough materials to create strong, lasting stitching.

This is not only a great leather-working tool, it's also great for repairing canvas items such as tents, blinds, packs, and tarps.

Comes with hardwood awl handle, four sturdy steel needles (2 straight, 2 curved), 180 yards of rugged polyester thread, and complete instructions.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm