Quick Stick 60" Hybrid Longbow Item Number: 868509X
$559.99 $559.99
Quick Stick 60" Hybrid Longbow

Quick Stick 60" Hybrid Longbow

Item Number: 868509X
$559.99 $559.99

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Do you have the "need for speed?" And the "want to flaunt?" Then pick up the Quick Stick hybrid longbow. The 60" length provides more power and speed, while the combination of exotic woods gives you one breathtaking bow.

Riser: Bearpaw has melded the beauty of Bubinga with the richness of Rosewood. The black and white Mycarta accents and Bubinga cap really set off the appeal of this bow. The durable satin matt finish ensures years and years of faithful use. Features a radiused, cut-on center shelf. Calf hair rest included, but not installed.

Limbs: Bearpaw has harnessed the power of bamboo for these super-fast limbs. With a bamboo core surrounded by Alder and clear fiberglass, these limbs look as sweet as they shoot. The tips are made from multilayered Mycarta for stability and strength.

String: "Whisper" bow string, a 10-strand Dyneema® and Dacron blended Flemish twist string.

At 60" the Quick Stick is great for archers of age ranges from teen to full grown men. Shoots smooth, even at longer draw lengths. It also comes with a high performance "Whisper" bow string, string nock, and a 30 year warranty. Recommended brace height of 7¼".

The Quick Stick Longbow is available in right or left handed. Comes in weights of 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, or 60# @ 28". Please specify.