Puritan Bamboo/Ipe U-Finish Bow BlankItem Number: 85991
$154.99 $154.99
Made in the US
Puritan Bamboo/Ipe U-Finish Bow Blank

Puritan Bamboo/Ipe U-Finish Bow Blank

Item Number: 85991
$154.99 $154.99
Made in the US

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The Bamboo-backed ipe bow blank is the ideal bow blank for the beginner bow builder. Building your own traditional bow brings great satisfaction, and using this bamboo-backed bow blank makes it simple enough for most anyone to complete.

Designed with a mild reflex-deflex design with a continuous one piece double tapered ipe core that provides a great casting arrow once the finished bow has been completed.

The bow blank comes with the limb profile pre-cut, and includes ipe tip overlays (not installed). The mahogany riser, with accent maple strip, has the shelf and sight window profiles marked for right and left handed for an easy layout, but the cutout and shaping is unfinished. It is not meant for a dual shelf.

In its unaltered condition, the bow blank starts with an approximate draw weight of 50# @ 28" draw, and measures approx 70-72" long. Heavier pull weights can be obtained by shortening the length of the bow, while lighter weights can be achieved through the tillering process by removing wood on the belly side. Full video instructions available online explains the process of adjusting bow length and bow weight to meet your desired state of finish.

Floor tillering has been done, but the final tiller is left to you. The bow comes unstained in a natural state, so the finish is completely up to you. An excellent bow blank for the first time bowyer. Please note, once you start working on a bow blank the 30 day 3Rivers' warranty is void.

  • One-piece of Ipe double tapered core (no lap splicing in the middle).
  • Pre-cut to limb profile with ipe tip overlays included.
  • 1½" wide at widest point.
  • Mahogany riser with hard maple accent.
  • Comes floor tillered, with sight window marked (both right and left handed).
  • Full video instructions online
  • Bow blanks that have been altered from their original dimensions have no warranty (once you start working on it, it's yours.)
  • String and handle material NOT included
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm