Predator™ Trophy Recurve LimbsItem Number: 20222LX
$579.99 $579.99
Made in the US
Predator™ Trophy Recurve Limbs

Predator™ Trophy Recurve Limbs

Item Number: 20222LX
$579.99 $579.99
Made in the US

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The Predator Trophy takedown recurve limbs feature checkered accent stripes spliced with bacote and curly maple to compliment the classic look created by Predator.

The maple core limb laminations make drawing the bow a smooth and relaxed motion while the Stabil-Kore helps to eliminate limb torque and lateral twisting. This creates a bow that is more stable during the shot sequence. The combination of the riser and limb materials along with Predator's unique design give unparalleled performance delivering on both speed and accuracy.

  • Limbs: Fall brown Futurewood wedges with Stabil-Kore and maple cores. Belly is bacote, and back is bacote spliced with curly maple.
  • Available in bow lengths of 60" and 62"
  • Available in draw weights of 40#, 45#, 50#, 55#, or 60# (rated at a 28" draw length)
  • Made in the USA
  • D97 Flemish Twist String included
  • Choose from a left or right hand bow (choose based on what hand you Draw the bow string with), and bow weight at a 28" draw length. Remember that with a traditional bow the weight will change depending upon what your draw length is. Bow weight will change approximately ±2½ pounds for every inch from a bows rated draw length. So a bow rated 45# @ 28" bow is roughly 42½# @ 27" or 47½# @ 29". Draw weight is marked at the nearest 5# increment to actual weight, (2#'s under and 3#'s over). This is an industry wide standard.

    A bow stringer is recommended for stringing any recurve bow or longbow. Stringing a bow without a bow stringer, or stringing it backwards will void a bow's warranty. Click here to see our Bow Stringers. It is recommended to unstring your bow if you do not plan to be shooting more than week. Store your bow on its side, or hanging vertically from a peg. Never rest the bow on the lower tip for extended periods of time. Never dry fire the bow (shooting without an arrow).

    3RIVERS SERVICE: Bow Set-up

    Read about Longbow & Recurve Set-up

    Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm