Predator™ Hunter DX RiserItem Number: 2000-01X
$269.99 $269.99
Made in the US
Predator™ Hunter DX Riser

Predator™ Hunter DX Riser

Item Number: 2000-01X
$269.99 $269.99
Made in the US

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Designed and crafted by master bowyer, Ron Pittsley, Predator Bows have been one of the most sought after custom bows within traditional archery's most elite inner circles. Predator Bows offers high quality workmanship and performance to mainstream bowhunters with the introduction of the Hunter DX takedown model.

The Hunter DX riser is constructed of Futurewood - Domestic hardwoods impregnated and stabilized with a proprietary acrylic resin for added strength, weight, color, and resistance to the elements making it superior to exotics. This process also allows the use of solid wood and does not rely on multiple laminations that take away from wood's natural and unique beauty.

Every riser comes with limb mounting hardware and a bow stringer. Recommended Brace Height: 7¼" to 7¾".

Hunter DX series riser: A simpler and more economical approach for making the perfect hunting bow. Constructed from solid charcoal Futurewood for added weight, strength, and resistance to the elements. Same features as the popular Classic series riser without the multiple woods and accent stripes. Tapped with 1/4" x 20 quiver inserts. As with all Predator Takedown risers; limbs are interchangeable for all limbs built after 1996. Includes rug arrow rest and plate.

Risers are available in right or left hand. Please specify.

  • Constructed of Futurewood
  • Comes with Limb Mounting Hardware and Bow Stringer
  • Tapped with ¼" x 20 Quiver Inserts
  • Limbs are Interchangeable with all Limbs Built After 1996
  • Includes Rug Arrow Rest and Plate
  • Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm