Old Mountain Mesa Longbow Item Number: 868401X
$299.99 $299.99
Old Mountain Mesa Longbow

Old Mountain Mesa Longbow

Item Number: 868401X
$299.99 $299.99

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The Old Mountain Mesa is a longbow you'll want to show off as much as you'll want to shoot. Featuring a stunning combination of exotic hardwoods, this 3Rivers Archery exclusive one-piece longbow is the perfect blend of beauty, value, and performance.

Riser: Radiused shelf is cut-before-center with a hair rest and plate included, making it perfect for shooting off the shelf. Features a medium grip.

Limbs: Clear fiberglass backing with a bamboo core. Reinforced tips for use with today's high performance bow strings.

String: We've added a tan and black high performance Flemish twist string to give you a complete bow that's ready to shoot.

64" long (61" string recommended) or 60" long (57" string recommended). Available in right or left handed in pull weights of 29#, 35#, 40#, 45#, 50#, 55#, and 60# @ 28" draw. Please specify.