Noggle Stones Book 1-½: Bugbear's TravelsItem Number: 8555-2
$7.50 $4.00
Made in the US
Noggle Stones Book 1-½:  Bugbear's Travels

Noggle Stones Book 1-½: Bugbear's Travels

Item Number: 8555-2
$7.50 $4.00
Made in the US

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At the end of Noggle Stones Book I the mad goblin scholar, Bugbear, set out on a secret mission to discover the identity of a hidden evil. Noggle Stones Book 1-½: Bugbear's Travels tells three tales of what he uncovered in the scattered kingdoms of early 20th Century America.

This collection of three short stories is a great bridge between Noggle Stones Book I and Noggle Stones Book II. Fast-paced, thrilling, and humorous, these tales recount Bugbear's battles against demented despots, cryptic conspiracies, and arrogant authorities.

Features excerpts from Bugbear's Journals, a map of Willow Prairie, and a full table of contents. Can be read as part of the Noggle Stones series or enjoyed on its own.

Paperback. 98 pages.

  • Features cover art and interior illustration by Ernie Colon
  • Fantasy Fiction - recommended for ages 12 and up
  • Autographed copies LIMITED TIME
  • Printed in the USA
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm