Nexxus Infinity Carbon Shafts Item Number: 67526X
$74.99 $74.99
Nexxus Infinity Carbon Shafts

Nexxus Infinity Carbon Shafts

Item Number: 67526X
$74.99 $74.99

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You'll pack a powerful punch on big game with these Nexxus Infinity arrow shafts. The .166" inside micro diameter gives Infinity shafts increased penetration due to less wind drag on the decreased surface area.

You'll also notice increased accuracy, as Nexxus Infinity carbon shafts experience less wind drift than larger diameter arrows.

But what really sets Nexxus Infinity arrow shafts apart from other carbon arrow shafts is the outsert system called "The Defender." This interlocking pin and sleeve helps to protect the shaft and make it one of the most durable carbon arrow shafts on the market. The system has dual interlocking threads that align all the components creating a shaft that has ultimate strength and precision. It all comes together to give you incredible stopping power on big game!

The pin weighs 20 grains, while the sleeve weighs 30 grains, for a total Defender outsert weight of 50 grains.

Sold in spines of 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, and 500 in 6-packs and 12-packs.

Nexxus Infinity Carbon Shafting Specifics
Spine Point GPI Length Insert Nock
250 9/32" 11.1 32 ½" 50gr (20gr pin / 30gr sleeve) G
300 9/32" 10 32 ½" 50gr (20gr pin / 30gr sleeve) G
350 9/32" 8.87 32 ½" 50gr (20gr pin / 30gr sleeve) G
400 9/32" 8.05 32 ½" 50gr (20gr pin / 30gr sleeve) G
450 9/32" --  32 ½" 50gr (20gr pin / 30gr sleeve) G
500 9/32" --  32 ½" 50gr (20gr pin / 30gr sleeve) G
Straightness      ±.003"        Weight    ±1gr

PLEASE NOTE: Any service requested may delay shipment. Items with services applied are non-refundable.

Services Available

Cut Shafts to Length: Have your carbon arrows cut to length. The length is measured from the throat of the nock to the back of the point. Minimum length is 27½".

Install Inserts: Choose this option to have our experts install your Point Inserts in your shafts. Please Note: If you select this service without selecting the "Cut to Length" service, your shafts will be cut to the stock length (as specified in the chart above). Please Note: We use epoxy style adhesives on all inserts and most points. Once they are installed, they are permanent.

If you prefer to customize your shaft with additional options, please use our Arrow Builder

See Printable Shaft Selection Chart PDF

Please read about Carbon Arrow Safety here.

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