Bow String Wax

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Scorpion Venom polymeric bow string wax helps reduce friction between string strands. It is odor free, waterproofing, and is not brittle in cold weather. Easy to use and apply with included leather patch.

  • Helps reduce friction between the string strands< more
Bohning does it again! Tex-Tite bow string wax is a natural petroleum based wax that lubricates and lengthens string life. Designed especially for synthetic fiber bow strings, Tex-Tite will not become sticky under any weather conditions. Comes in a one ounce push tube. more
Looking for the best all-around bow string wax? We've found that straight beeswax is too hard. Our 3Rivers String Maker's Wax is a special blend of pure beeswax and pine rosin for the perfect bow string wax.

Preferred by Flemish string makers because of its inherent more
Beeswax has long been used by string builders and archers to maintain and protect bow strings. Atsko U-V Killer Bow String Wax adds concealment to those advantages.

Modern bow strings are often treated with ultraviolet brightening dyes. These dyes make your bow more
Don't let the name fool you! String Snot is one of the premiere, high performance bow string waxes on the market!

Using a precise blend of grease, wax, and oil, String Snot increases your bow string's performance while also protecting it.

The name more
Your bow string has been good to you. So be good to your bow string. Use Bohning String Shield bow string wax to protect and renew it.

Bohning String Shield is ideal for waxing your bow string. This protects and extends the life of your string. You can also bring more

Anyone who's made a bow string knows and trusts the name BCY. They are experts in making quality bow string materials. So it only makes sense BCY would know the best way to take care of those materials. Their X-Wax Bowstring Wax is just what you need to protect and preserve more

Waxing your bow string preserves it and protects it from the elements. Count on the bow string experts at Bohning to come up with the perfect string wax... Seal-Tite®!

This silicone-based bow string wax remains soft even in cold weather. It is odorless, more

Keeping dirt off your bow string is vital for ensuring accuracy and extending the life of your bow. Bohning Grit Guard™ restores natural and synthetic bow strings, so you can shoot with confidence.

Made from a hydrocarbon-based formula, Grit Guard™ is a more