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The Atlatl or Spear-Thrower was first used by human beings over 30,000 years ago, predating the bow and arrow by several thousand years. This primitive projectile weapon transformed early humans from scavengers to predators.

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Now sold by the 3-pack.

As the arrow is to the bow, so the dart is to the atlatl. These Ash Dart Shafts and Ash Dart Kits will help you complete your atlatl journey.

The Atlatl Dart is extremely long compared to the traditional arrow. They can range from more

The Atlatl predates the bow and arrows by several thousand years. It was mankind's first step into developing projectile weapons. And this amazing tool is still in use today by primitive enthusiasts and do-it-yourselfers.

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Give your Atlatl darts the perfect point! These approximately 300 grain dart points are made in the USA from machined steel. Offers superior flight and deeper penetration. Sold by the each or the 6-pack. Please specify.

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Now sold by the 3-pack.

The atlatl was one of the earliest tools that helped elevate humans to the top of the food chain. Now Yumi Archery allows you to connect with those ancient times using their quality raw bamboo atlatl dart shafts.

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Pine Resin is ideal for binding different materials, such as metal, bone, or stone points to wood shafts.

This particular resin was developed by Thunderbird Atlatl using natural materials. The bond is tough yet flexible, adhering to a variety of materials. Broken more