Fish Arrows & Shafts

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The right shaft can mean the difference between a fish and a miss! The Feather Weight Bowfishing Shaft from RPM Bowfishing offers greater speed and accuracy from lower bow weights!

Constructed of lightweight hollow gray fiberglass (plugged at more

Many bowfishing archers assemble their own fish arrows for the cost savings and the fact that they can use the bowfishing points they prefer. These bowfishing arrow shafts are solid fiberglass with the nock end tapered to fit a standard 5/16" glue-on nock and are more

Lava and water usually don't mix. But when the AMS Lava Crux™ Carbon Core Fish Arrow hits the water, you can bet on some of your best bowfishing triumphs yet!

Tipped with the devastating Chaos Point, the AMS Lava Crux™ Bowfishing Arrow is hot! more

The Arrow Dynamics Carbon Fish shaft is 100% carbon and 100% American made. The nock fits in the back end and is setup for Bohning Signature Press-In Nocks. At a whopping 32 GPI, these strong, heavy shafts will give more

You'll never have to tell a "one that got away" story again! The AMS Chaos® FX point grabs fish and holds on tight! And the AMS fiberglass arrow is the highest quality fiberglass bowfishing arrow shaft on the market! Together they're the perfect one-two more
Get on the water and start ragin' with Cajun! The Cajun Sting-A-Ree Tournament Bowfishing Arrow is designed to penetrate and hold the toughest, most tenacious fish!

Cajun bowfishing has made this the best bowfishing arrow by infusing the red fiberglass more
Just like its namesake the Piranha XT point from Cajun Bowfishing strikes with deadly sharp precision! When paired with the Cajun fiberglass bowfishing arrow, it's a predator without peers!

With a durable jackhammer tip and sturdy barbs, the stainless steel more