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Montana Decoys knows all about decoys. And Fred Eichler knows all about elk. It only makes sense they should join forces to design one of the most innovative and ingenious elk decoys on the market.

Using Montana Decoys convenient folding design, Fred added his own more

The Miss Purr-Fect hen turkey decoy brings in the toms with its realistic looks.

The ultra-realistic fabric fools even the most wary of toms, making him come out of strut to come to you. The light fabric feathers move with the slightest breeze, teasing that big more

New, updated design! Montana Decoy has used an improved printing process to give their Purr-fect Pair enhanced color and details to duplicate the wild turkey's natural iridescence.

It is the perfect addition to any Turkey hunter's bag of tricks. more
The Montana Decoy Deer Rump eliminates the bulkiness found in other types of decoys, and the photo realistic image looks great from afar and up close.

The Teaser Tail adds the motion needed to fool deer and bring them in close. There's one tail for each side more
It's alive! The Montana Decoy Teaser Tail adds lifelike detail to your whitetail decoy. Even a slight breeze creates natural tail movement, adding realism that will trick even the craftiest buck.

The Teaser Tail features two magnets that attach to each more
Hunting turkey is one of the most rewarding challenges a bowhunter can take up. These birds are extremely cunning, quick, and cautious. Montana Decoy evens the playing field with their Wiley Tom decoy.

What sets this turkey decoy apart from others is the addition more

Montana Decoys is bringing out their "Dream Team!" They've paired their already proven Dreamy Whitetail Doe decoy with their all new Whitetail Buck. The result is a decoy duo that's delivers results!

Both decoys are made using high definition photos of real more