medieval quivers

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The medieval archer had to be ready at a moments notice, travel light, and carry plenty of arrows. Also, medieval archers were poor. As a result, many quivers of the period were made from simple sack cloth with a leather spacer to hold the arrows securely, stay lightweight for more
The Hawkwood Medieval Back Quiver combines a unique medieval fantasy style with quality American craftsmanship. Features dark brown leather overlaid with lighter brown accents. A Celtic design is embroidered into the leather, lending a touch of mythic charm. more
This Pope & Young style belt quiver is made of top-grain rich brown leather. The 3½" opening with tapered design will comfortably hold 12 arrows. The antler button accent adds an extra traditional touch. Fits right and left handed archers. Requires a belt to use. more

With a classic design and quality construction, the Tradition Back Quiver from October Mountain is perfect for traditional archers on the move.

October Mountain has constructed this quiver of sturdy 16 ounce waxed canvas surrounding a semi-rigid approximately 4& more

The Traditions Leathercraft Medium Back Quiver brings old fashioned efficiency to your target shooting and bowhunting adventures.

A slightly smaller version of the classic Hill style back quiver, this leather back quiver is handcrafted from 7 - 8 oz. US tanned more

Sir John Hawkwood was one of the most cunning military geniuses of his time... a leader who inspired awe and fear in Kings, Popes, and Peasants alike. The secret to his success was his reliance on the English longbow. Our 3Rivers Hawkwood 3-Point Back Quiver was inspired by more