rope & webbing

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Allows use of 1" Nylon webbing without need of sewing. Feed webbing into both ends, connect and pull webbing snug. Squeeze release. Allows for the quick release of any gear you have wrapped up. Sold as one set (one each, male and female parts).

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For use with Nylon stretch cord. Makes mini bungies for attaching gear to pack frames. Sold by the pair. Black only.

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For use with cord hooks, stretch armguards, attaching gear to packs and many other uses. Approximately 10 feet per roll. Diameter of approximately 1/8" (roughly 3 mm). more
This quality Nylon camo cord can be used for a variety of products. Diameter of approximately 1/8" (roughly 3 mm). Approximately 50 feet per roll. more
Use to strap gear or even tree stands securely to your pack. For use with quick release buckle. Measures approximately 10 feet long by 1" wide per roll.

Available in Black and Olive Green. Please specify.

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Where will your next adventure take you? Be prepared with GEAR AID's amazing multi-purpose Fire Strand 550 Paracord!

This sturdy, seven-strand cord is designed for critical outdoor tasks, such as: hanging clothes, making shoelaces, tying down tarps, or starting a more