feather waterproofing

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Wet weather conditions can put a real damper on any bow hunt or outdoor fun. Your accuracy depends upon dry fletchings on your arrows.

Ozark Water "Poof" provides a foolproof solution to moisture problems. Simply apply a small amount to each feather and a...read more
An easy to apply with no scent water repellent for your feather fletchings. Feather-Dri treats 100+ arrows. Will add no stiffness to fletching and has a long-lasting effect. Includes application bag. Approximately 9.0 grams.
You're just a spray away from a quick and effective way of waterproofing your gear! ReviveX® Instant Water Repellent Spray creates a water repellent surface on your clothing, footwear, and other gear.

Not only does it repel water, it protects materials from oil...read more