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Duco Cement is the preferred fletching glue of many arrow builders for fletching wood arrows when sealing with other than Bohning Fletch-Lac Sealers. Can also be used with Water-based sealer for wood arrows, aluminum arrows, and Carbon Express and Gold Tip carbon arrows.

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Plastic 2 ounce squeeze bottle for dispensing adhesives used to glue fletching and nocks to arrows. Great to pair with fletching glues you get in larger quantities like Bohning Fletch-Tite Platinum, or read more

Bohning's Ferr-L-Tite, Stick to the point with the hot melt adhesive that has been used for installing points to shaft tapers for decades! High tensile strength, especially in hot climates. Heat to use,we recommend the read more

Ferr-L-Tite Cool Flex is the latest addition to the Bohning line of insert glues. It is a soft melt with a relatively low melting temperature, and is a very easy material to work with. Cool Flex was specially formulated with carbon arrow inserts in mind. It is a royal blue more

For the primitive archer who builds their own archery gear. This genuine hide glue is for fletching primitive arrows and backing self bows. The 5 ounce bag is enough for fletching dozens of arrows or applying two layers on a self bow. Water soluble.

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  • Bohning Archery introduces the newest generation of insert adhesive! It welds inserts to all shaft types! Insert Iron is the adhesive that gives your arrow shaft an "Iron Grip" on all inserts, outserts, and points. Creates a high impact, shock resistant, heat more

    This Alcohol Burner is perfect for melting point glues. It keeps your hands free while you are installing points. The Alcohol Burner uses denatured alcohol with a 3.5 ounce capacity.

    • Hands free
    • Uses denatured alcohol
    • 3.5 ounce capacity
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    Spare wick for alcohol burner. Keeps your denatured alcohol burning slowly while you install points on your arrows. Sold by the each.

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    Fletch a dozen arrows in an hour. No need to fuss with messy glue. Roll the Bohning fletch tape onto your clamped feather, peel the backing off, and press the feather onto the shaft and it's done. Remove the clamp, add a drop of glue front and back and you're set. Approximately more

    Use hot melt point glue for mounting field points and broadheads on to wood arrows. Hot Melt has more elasticity than other point glues in cold climates so your points don't pop off in the cold. Large approximately 10" stick is a great value.

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    This hot melt adhesive comes to us from Tom Parsons of Kimsha Archery and he stands behind it as the best hot melt point glue. Weighing in at approximately 900 grains, Kimsha Quick-Stick is a great value.

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    Extra thick so it won't run into your fletching jig. Beyond Bond is perfect for fletching carbon and aluminum arrows, and even installing inserts and nocks. This incredibly strong, high-tech glue reduces your arrow build time to mere minutes. Normal dry time is 1-3 minutes. Try more