feather choppers

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The Young Feather Burner has a long and outstanding reputation for quality and durability. It will quickly and easily trim and shape feather fletchings (6¼" long and 1¼" high) to hairline accuracy. Transformer is designed for continuous operation with outp...read more
Replacement Klean-Cut Ribbons for the Young Feather Burner. Shape to different feather profiles to burn fletchings precisely. The ribbons are 1/8" thick and made of the finest quality electrical alloy. The concave shape assures for rigidity and a faster, cleaner cut. Klean-C...read more
Replacement Nock Holder for the Young Feather Burner. Sold by the each.

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These feather profiles are an exact match for pre-cut TrueFlight Feathers. Use them to bend your feather burner Klean-Cut ribbons into accurate and re-usable shapes. Please note, the ribbons are not included with the profiles. Each set includes nine profiles, one each of: read more

These fletching templates allow you to create unique and amazing custom fletchings for your arrows.

These fletching templates come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. The feather quill fits securely in the guide to allow for consistent cuts fletching to fletching. T...read more

Chop your own feathers into one of many pre-made profiles, or contact us to have a custom chopper made for you! Our high quality Little Chopper Feather Die Cutters will last for years of use with precision results.

Requires full length pre-ground feather and a rub...read more

The Shark Cutter from Bearpaw "bites" into your full length feathers for a nice, clean cut. Your fletchings will look sharp, crisp, and professional.

The Shark Cutter is 100% German engineering and craftsmanship. The highest quality wood and steel were used...read more