wind detectors

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These little wind direction indicators are durable, effective, and water resistant. Attach to your bow string, bow tip, or quiver, and you will always know the instant the wind changes without unnecessary movement of a smoke bottle. Good thing to know, when the stalk is on... read more
Smoke in a Bottle is an amazing tool for helping you detect wind direction to avoid keen animal senses. This caddy is the perfect way to carry your Smoke in a Bottle, keeping it handy and ready at all times.

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Nature has given animals many advantages. One of which is a superior sense of smell.

These Wind Detectors can help you stay one step ahead. One squeeze sends a stream of powder into the air, letting you know the slightest wind direction and air currents.

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Being aware of your surroundings is one of the most important rules in bowhunting. That includes knowing which way the wind is blowing. These scent free wind-detectors let you know where the wind currents are blowing so you can avoid getting busted by wary game. more