primitive archery books

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This detailed poster is illustrated by Valerie Waldorf and features full size drawings in brilliant blue ink. Heavy ivory colored stock. Measures approximately 23" tall x 35" wide. more
Flintknappers will love this beautifully illustrated ancient flint knapping poster. These flintknapping masterpieces were illustrated by Valerie Waldorf and will look great in your home or workshop.

These flint knapping illustrations are some of the best artworks more
A Master Knapper's Guide to The Fluted Point Traditions of North America presents illustrations, which are useful to modern flintknappers who are looking for guides, templates, or information. Author D.C. Waldorf included background information on the cultures and sites more

DC Waldorf's fifth edition is filled with in-depth look at flintknapping tools and techniques as seen through the eyes of a master. A lifetime of flintknapping crammed into 80 pages filled with detailed sketches and step-by-step methods for producing beautiful knapped pieces.< more

The first of a collection of four books that covers Everything you need to know about bow building. Volume 1 is a step-by-step guide from many of today's top primitive bowyers. Comprehensive coverage of topics from tree to bow. Highly recommended for beginner bowyers.

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Thumbrings are considered an essential component of archery tackle in many parts of the world, yet they are for the most part "unknown" in the Western world. With the ever growing popularity of horse bows and other Eastern archery bows, the thumbring has piqued the more
Kay and Jaap Koppedrayer guide you step-by-step through the process of Making Bamboo Arrows. As the Koppedrayers say: "A Bamboo arrow is a thing of beauty." And you will soon be making your own beautiful Bamboo arrows with the help of this comprehensive 46 page more
Self bows are a totally new world for most traditional archers and in this book Paul Comstock describes the skills and techniques needed to master them. As usual, Mr. Comstock analyzes the various methods available and offers them to you for your own trial by fire. If you more
Paul Comstock is a self bow expert. One of his specialties is white-wood bows. While reading this bow building manual, you'll learn how to make simple and effective self bows from many of the more common woods available. This book is intense yet written in a style that anyone more
Every dedicated traditional archer longs for equipment that completely matches his own concepts and needs. In this book, he will find everything that he needs to create it.
  • An entire range of personal equipment, from finger guard to belt pouch
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For 20,000 years the bent stick and string has fascinated mankind. This original form of archery, without special features and modern technology, has been gaining popularity in the modern age. And the art of traditional bow building has also been rediscovered.

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This second volume in a set of four covers bending wood, composite bows, string making, ancient European bows, and more. A group effort by top primitive bowyers. Great book for the beginner to intermediate bowyer.

Paperback. 313 pages. Edited By J. Hamm.