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This string is a perfect replacement bow string or back up bow string for your Lynx II Hungarian Horse Bow. It is made by Horse Bows, the same company that brings you the Lynx II and Magyar, so you know it will be a quality, long...read more

The Black Shadow Korean traditional bow features graceful curves, yet stores exponential power. Even with its short 48" tip-to-tip bow length, the Black Shadow Korean bow offers maximum stability and draws smooth to 31". Featuring a Matt finish for a distinct and elegant look,...read more

This Replacement Bow String for the Yumi Japanese Traditional Bow is made from a type of sturdy, long-lasting kevlar. It will stand up to the rigors of Japanese archery, and last through many shots. Includes a length of twine to be used as serving. Features loops in the timber hi...read more
The Lynx II (Hungarian bow) is a static recurve bow. This is a very good bow, rugged in construction, with nearly the same smooth draw and quiet release as other horse bows, but at less cost.

The Lynx II horse bow measures 51½" long when strung. Shoot ...read more

This is the same style of bow utilized by the famed Samurai warriors of Feudal Japan. While Samurai are usually recognized for their swordsmanship, proficiency with the Yumi (Japanese Bow) was actually considered a more valuable skill through much of Japan's history. Modern us...read more

Korea has one of the most vibrant and exciting archery communities in the world. So it's no surprise that they should bring us the elegant, powerful, and deadly Assassin traditional bow.

Designed in the traditional Korean style, this bow features graceful curves, a...read more
There's nothing quite like the look and feel of a traditional Korean Bow. Light and small, these bows are deceptively powerful, casting arrows as hard and fast as any western bow pound for pound.

The Nomad is the latest and greatest traditional bow to come out of K...read more
The Magyar bow is inspired by the warrior-archers of the same name. The Magyar were the original Hungarian people, renowned for their horsemanship and archery. Because of their skill with the horse bow, at one point in history these great warriors controlled more territory than t...read more

Now is the time for high adventure! Saddle up with the Grizzly Bear PVC Horse Bow! This amazing PVC bow looks just like an authentic horse bow of ages past. It feels great in the hand and shoots like a dream.

The PVC is shaped and stained to look just like the histo...read more

Unleash your thirst for adventure with the Firefly PVC Recurve Bow! This bow is constructed of sturdy PVC, but it's shaped and stained to look like a true wooden recurve bow. An excellent bow to take on any fantastic quest!

This bow has a beautiful tan stain, giving ...read more

From the smooth, elegant curves, to the lightning fast speed, there's no mistaking the traditional Korean bow. Farmington Archery's Stallion Korean Traditional Bow embraces that ancient design and performance.

With a hard maple core surrounded by carbon strips and de...read more

The elegance, skill, and rich history of horse bow archery is embodied in the beautiful fiberglass Song Bow. With its gentle curves, daring design, and traditional accents, the Song Bow is a reflection of a distant and exotic past when man, bow, and horse carved out the va...read more