fletched arrows

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3Rivers "Hunters Arrows" are top quality traditional wood arrows at a great price. Made from premium wood, our arrows are perfect for bow hunting and target archery alike.

Each wood arrow is hand-spined so their flight characteristics match. They are walnut s...read more

Traditional Only Carbon Arrows are the traditional archer's perfect carbon arrows. Perfect for bowhunters, with proper grain weight for pass-through penetration and excellent arrow flight. Discover the strength and versatility of carbon arrows with pre-fletched Traditional Onl...read more

This aerial acrobat is bad news for small game, but great news for bowhunters tired of losing arrows! The Gold Tip Twister is the new standard in high performance Flu Flu arrows, with its specially twisted feather fletching and small diameter. The Twister is built to ...read more

3Rivers Trailwalker Arrows offer a unique, rustic touch to your archery set-up.

Made from sturdy 11/32" Port Orford Cedar Shafts, they're Southern Pecan stained and sealed with gasket lacquer. Then they're fletched with 5 ½" left wing high bac...read more

Gold Tip has long had a reputation for strength and accuracy. That's why 3Rivers Archery is offering Gold Tip Traditional Fletched Arrows.

These Sturdy Gold Tip Traditional Arrows are fletched with three 5" shield Left wing TrueFlight turkey feathers for the perfe...read more

Load up your quiver and hit the range with these quality cedar arrows.

Our 30" Sherwood Wood Arrows are ready to shoot right out of the package. Fletched with 4" shield cut feathers, one white cock feather and two lime hen feathers. We've tipped each arrow ...read more

The 3Rivers Hunter Arrows Fletched Test Kits are for anyone not sure exactly what wood arrow spine they need. Arrow spine is roughly the stiffness of the shaft. We are offering fletched test kits of eight wood arrows in four different spines. A cost effective way to find the p...read more

The flight of the arrow is a beautiful and elegant sight. And none more so than our 3Rivers Stalker Arrows. Four fletched to be stable and stealthy with a combination of white and wild barred turkey feathers atop a quality Port Orford Cedar shaft.

3Rivers Stalker Wood Ar...read more

Our 3Rivers Flu Flu arrows are made exclusively from premium wood shafting. Each arrow is hand-spined in 5 pound groups for constant arrow flight from arrow to arrow. We then walnut stain them, seal with clear lacquer, crest with the 3Rivers signature "hunter arrow" cresting, ...read more

Gold Tip has long had a reputation for strength and accuracy. These sturdy, simple black arrows use Gold Tip GT Series Push-In Nocks and read more

Finally, an easy and convenient way to check your draw length! The Easton Draw Length Indicator allows you to accurately check your draw length on any standard bow, including your own. No need to go to a pro shop. Clear markings show you the exact measurement in inches. Made of s...read more

Leave it to Easton to combine the simplicity of carbon sizing with the affordability of aluminum shafting! The XX75 Gamegetter® gives you the best of both worlds with a state-of-the-art aluminum shaft that blends strength, flexibility, and affordability into a knock-out packa...read more