Fire Starting

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The Ferro Rod & Steel Pendant is a simple, yet effective fire starting tool. Great for survival enthusiasts because of its small, portable size.

The magnesium rod is unscrewed from the brass holder and then struck against the steel scraper blade. This more
This Char Cloth is a very handy item for those hunters and campers who enjoy starting camp fires the traditional way. A great accessory for the Flint and Steel Striker Set, or the Traditional Fire Piston.

Comes in a 1½" round tin with enough extra more
Flint and steel has long been man's secret weapon against the elements. A simple and effective way to ignite tinder and create fire, these fire starting kits are a great way to reconnect with our trail-blazing forefathers.

The Strike-A-Lite Flint and more

Even when you have the modern convenience of a lighter or matches, making a fire in the woods can be a challenge. Pyro Putty makes that challenge child's play.

This specially formulated putty ignites easily, and stays lit. A small nickel sized piece will burn for 8 more

Even the best lighters can let you down. But not the Pyro Putty Dual Arc Plasma Lighter! This amazing lighter is "Mother Nature proof!" Rain, sleet, snow... nothing stops this state-of-the-art lighter. It won't run out of fuel like cheap plastic lighters, and as more

Fire. Humankind's greatest discovery. But it's not always there when you need it. The Mega Inferno kit with Pyro Putty is the latest and greatest innovation in fire starting gear.

The Mega Inferno fire starting kit features a ferro rod/cylinder, multi-tool knife/ more

The easy way isn't always the best way. Sometimes it's the challenge that makes success all the sweeter. Take up the challenge of starting a fire with flint and steel with the Magnesium Fire Starter.

This back-to-basics fire starting kit features more

Life was hard for our pioneer forefathers, but it was also much simpler. They didn't have to worry about running out of lighter fluid, or getting their matches wet. They relied on tried and true firestarting methods. The Ferro-Light Firestarter lets you walk in the more