Sinew and Hafting

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Quite useful for "period" hafting, cordage. Dries amber clear for an "old" primitive look. 20 foot roll. more
Dried unprocessed leg sinew. For backing self bows and tying fletching or points to arrows. Sold by the bag. 1-2 pieces of sinew depending on size. Average length 6-8 inches.

  • Back self bows or tie fletching or points to arrows
  • 1 or 2 pieces per more
Nice long strands of back sinew for sewing, wrapping and many other uses. Approximately 12" long. Each sold separately.
  • For sewing, wrapping and more
  • Sold individually
  • Approximately 12" in length
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This is pre-pounded back sinew, ready to use. It's great for backing bows because of it's long length. It's also great for hafting points and wrapping feathers. One hank.
  • Pre-pounded
  • Sold individually
  • Approximately 12" in length
  • more

Pre-waxed artificial sinew is great for do-it-yourself primitive projects. This artificial sinew is made from 100% polyester and easy to split into thinner strands.

Artificial sinew comes in different weights for using on all kinds of primitive archery projects. Use more

Truly the desired thread of Kings and Queens down through the centuries, silk is the finest natural fiber in the world. This superior quality silk is extremely supple, yet resistant to stretch and wear.

Great for wrapping arrow fletchings and self nocks. Works more

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This Canadian Moose Leg Sinew is perfect for bowyers and arrow makers who work with a lot of sinew. Because you get more sinew per package, it's a great option for backing self bows. Also works well for hafting flint more

Good quality sinew can add a lot of authenticity and traditional charm to your bow building and arrow building projects. This unprocessed Water Buffalo backstrap sinew is ideal for your next primitive project.

This sinew needs to be pounded to be ready for use. more

Pre-pounded and ready to use! This all-natural water buffalo leg sinew is a great way to add authentic primitive touches to your bow building projects.

Use this quality sinew to back your bow. Or use it in arrow building to haft your points, or wrap your more

Backing a traditional or primitive bow with leg tendon gives an authentic look and feel. When processed it can also be used for tying fletching and points to arrows. This unprocessed Water Buffalo leg tendon is perfect for your do-it-yourself bow building and arrow more