Glues/Adhesives, Bow

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An excellent adhesive for all leather work including attaching leather grips and arrow rests to bows. Can also be used as a fletching cement. 2 oz. tube. Flammable. more
For the primitive archer who builds their own archery gear. This genuine hide glue is for fletching primitive arrows and backing self bows. The 5 ounce bag is enough for fletching dozens of arrows or applying two layers on a self bow. Water soluble.

  • Fletch more
  • Easy to mix, easy to use. For all laminated bows. Works for bamboo backed bows too. This is the epoxy that nearly every bowyer in the United States uses. For use on fiberglass laminated bows and any other wood-to-wood or wood-to-bamboo applications. Sold as a 2 pint set (one more

    This is the epoxy to use for any wood-to-metal project. Perfect for the takedown sleeves we offer. 5 ouncees.
    • Wood-to-metal projects
    • Recommended for takedown sleeve
    • 5 oz. bottle more
    Liquid hide glue saves you time and trouble! If you've worked with crystalline hide glue, you know the hassle of setting up a double-boiler, the distinct aroma that fills your home and the cleanup involved. Titebond Liquid Hide Glue puts an end to that. Easy to apply, holds like more
    Ever needed an easy to use wood glue that was waterproof? Titebond III is the answer! It's the first waterproof wood glue we've ever offered that wasn't a two-part epoxy. Ideal for hickory backing, sinew, and even rawhide backing your bows. We've even heard of canoe paddles more