Bow String Material

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BCY 652 Spectra bow string material is the choice for longbow and recurve bow shooters with a need for speed and a preference for performance.

652 Spectra is the same material previously known as FastFlight® (by Brownell). This material is designed for speed and more

Count on BCY to make bow strings better. Their quality nock point tying thread allows you to easily set a nocking point without using brass string nocks or c-clips.

Thread nocks let you to set a nocking point that is easily adjustable, and easier on the string more

"Unleash the Fury!" Fury bow string material from Brownell is made from 100% Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, an extremely tough material with the highest impact strength of any modern thermoplastic.

This amazing material gives you increased speed more

The original high strength Dyneema (100% SK75 Dyneema®). It is very durable with low creep. BCY recommends 16 strands or less for most recurve bows and longbows.

Sold in 1/8# spools or 1# spools. Approximately 6,700 feet per 1# spool, and 375 feet per 1/8# more

Add some speed and power to your string building! BCY 8125 bow string material is made from 92% SK75 Dyneema® fiber. It's incredibly durable, as well as UV, chemical, and abrasion resistant. Perfect for all shooting levels, from Olympic archery competition to more
BCY's B55 is a durable, 100% high-performance polyester string material. (Polyester is the kind of material the old slower "Dacron" was made from.) This new low-stretch polyester is faster than ever, but still safe to use on any bow, new or old. This is the perfect string to get more