Draw Check Clickers

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This draw-check device, or clicker, can help you combat the archer's enemy, target panic. Adjustable for all draw lengths. Can be muted with tape for hunting use. Adhesive backing provided.


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The Cartel Magnetic Clicker is a great tool to help make sure you are getting to full draw. Clickers are very popular with competitive target archers, as having flawless shooting form keeps you shooting at your best. A clicker works by riding next to your arrow and when the ar...read more

For archers who wish to overcome target panic, there is no better cure than the Sideklick clicker. This ingenious device lets you know you have hit full draw by making a distinct "clicking" sound. This helps you improve accuracy and form by imprinting muscle memory.
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Develop perfect form and work towards Olympic level accuracy with the Infitec Window Clicker draw checker.

The Infitec Window Clicker is great for target archers who want to achieve flawless shooting form! As you draw your bow the clicker rides against your arrow un...read more

Consistent form is key for accuracy. The Soft Kisser Button is a simple and ingenious way to develop the proper draw and form.

Simply install the Soft Kisser Button on your bow string as you would a silencer or dampener. Make sure it is even with your mouth or nose ...read more

The top shooters in the USA have tested the Gold Micro-Clicker, the ONLY micro-clicker available. If America's best count on this clicker you know it's a clicker you can count on too.

AAE designed the Gold Micro-Clicker to have precise in-the-field micro adj...read more

In traditional archery there's no such thing as too fast. You need to squeeze every ounce of speed you can from your bow. Nitro Button string nocks increase overall speed by eliminating nock pinch.

Nitro Buttons are easily installed on your bow string using the inclu...read more

A consistent anchor point means consistent accuracy. The Bowmar Nose Button gives you that consistency.

These lightweight buttons easily install on your bow string. There are two sizes included with every package, so you can choose the size that best works for you. S...read more

Improve your accuracy by drawing to a consistent anchor point. The Super-Flex Kisser button gives you an easy reference for your anchor point.

Made from premium non-brittle "super-flex" material, this kisser button also helps eliminate string oscillation a...read more

A Kisser Button is just the thing to help imprint consistent draw and anchor point. Grayling has devised a great, inexpensive kisser button perfect for beginning archers, or those who wish to perfect their form.

You install the Grayling Kisser Button on your bow stri...read more

Target panic and short drawing are common among archers, but they don't have to be. The Klickit Draw Check imprints muscle memory and consistent form to help you become a stronger, more confident archer.

It is recommended you install the Klickit on the upper limb, wh...read more

For quick adjustment and/or detachment of your Clikety-Klicker Draw Check and other clickers Bohning has developed the Anchor Knot. This serveless string attachment saves...read more