Shooting Instruction

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Flight Archery is one of the oldest forms of archery competition in North America. The goal is to see your arrow's flight out-distance that of your competitors.

This booklet covers the history, world records, and details about this amazing sport that many modern more
Self bows are a totally new world for most traditional archers and in this book Paul Comstock describes the skills and techniques needed to master them. As usual, Mr. Comstock analyzes the various methods available and offers them to you for your own trial by fire. If you more
Hunting the Hard Way is the ultimate Howard Hill book. Includes a special chapter on Hill's shooting techniques as well as bow, arrow, and broadhead making. Hunting adventures abound and you'll be amazed at the exploits of the longbow in the hands of the one and only, Howard more
Horace A. Ford is known as the greatest target archer of all time. Although minor improvements have been made in the past 150 years in methodology, Ford's shooting disciplines, techniques and other insights into shooting the longbow remain as the practical guide for archers. 128 more

Now in a brand, new 3rd edition, featuring even more useful and fascinating information, plus dozens of upgraded photos and illustrations. Shooting the Stickbow is the first comprehensive treatise on shooting modern recurves and longbows!

The new updated more

The Way of Archery provides a detailed introduction to practicing archery in the traditional Chinese military style. It explains the basics of how to shoot using the Asian thumb ring: proper posture, training regimen, equipment, and avoiding pitfalls in shooting. The more

New! Second edition!

When you become the arrow you extend your mental approach to accurate shooting. Become the arrow. You'll be a better shot for it. By Byron Ferguson. Features dozens of color and black and white pictures. 116 pages, paperback. more
Whether you've never shot an arrow, or are making the move from compound to traditional, this book is for you. Brian Sorrells shares his simple, time-tested shooting techniques that will get you 'on-target' in no time.

Includes equipment selection and an more
Written with the serious archer and bowyer in mind. Author Thomas Grissom puts the emphasis on the design, performance (includes mathematical formulas), and use of all forms of traditional bows and arrows.

This thorough book covers both the practical and technical more
All About Those Bows! This book covers everything you need to know about selecting, shooting, and maintaining a longbow!

Featuring 152 pages of insights, tips, and info on longbows. Guide to the Longbow is a must for any archer's library. Packed with more
The traditional longbow and recurve bow have experienced a renewed popularity in the last decade, capturing the imaginations and testing the skills of archers all over the world. In this thorough, fully illustrated guide, archery expert Sam Fadala presents a detailed examination more
This is THE book on slingshots. Featuring 150 pages packed with nearly everything there is to know about this great sport. Learn how to make them, from the old forked tree limb style to high-tech modern marvels. Learn how to shoot them inside or outside, for more