Flint Knapping

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This detailed poster is illustrated by Valerie Waldorf and features full size drawings in brilliant blue ink. Heavy ivory colored stock. Measures approximately 23" tall x 35" wide.

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Flintknappers will love this beautifully illustrated ancient flint knapping poster. These flintknapping masterpieces were illustrated by Valerie Waldorf and will look great in your home or workshop.

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A Master Knapper's Guide to The Fluted Point Traditions of North America presents illustrations, which are useful to modern flintknappers who are looking for guides, templates, or information. Author D.C. Waldorf included background information on the cultures and sites ...read more

Pine pitch can be used to aid in hafting arrow points, knife blades, and spear points. Can also be used as a waterproofing agent. Store in a cool area. Use low heat to soften. Approximately 1.3 ounces.

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If you've ever wanted to learn how to make stone arrowheads or any other kind of flint knapping, this is the best way to get started.

Our beginners kit includes: 2 lbs. of mixed knapping pieces (spalls), one copper tipped flaker, one copper bopper, one stone abrader, ...read more

The Copper Tip Flaker is a pointed copper rod mounted in a hardwood handle. Perfect for fine pressure flaking.

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You can make a very nice flint knife with this stone knife kit. The kit includes a hand knapped stone blade, a hardwood handle, hide glue, enough gut material to easily haft the blade to the handle, and detailed instructions.

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Mother Nature's glass, obsidian is a joy to knap and gives up its flakes readily. It is very brittle though and care must be taken when using percussion. Our obsidian is normally a natural clear black, sometimes highlighted with reddish streaks. Our obsidian spalls are on the sma...read more
This medium antler billet (6-8 ounces) is suitable for work on arrow points and small tools.

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The Knap Pak includes all the tools you need to get started in flintknapping. A copper-tipped pressure flaker, an aluminum percussion flaker, an abrading stone, a leather pad and very good instructions. If you are new to flintknapping or a harden veteran the Knap Pak is a perfect...read more
Handy little tool that helps you hold your point as you pressure flake. Smooth wood base fits nicely in your palm, while the rubber pad on the front grips your piece, holding it in place. The 3/4" thick rubber pad has a notch cut out for your flakes to pop into. Firmer suppo...read more
Save when you buy them together! For anyone who wants to get started in flintknapping, our Flintknapping kit and Art of Flintknapping book combo is the answer. You'll get:

DC Waldorf's fifth edition of The Art of Flintknapping book which is filled with in-depth f...read more