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The call of the primitive lifestyle is strong and alluring. But it's not to be answered lightly. The Native Arrows and Points DVD gives you the guidance and instruction you need to set out on the ancient, and well-worn path of primitive arrow building. more

Come full circle with Thad Beckum, from collecting natural materials to producing powerful primitive weapons, used to harvest two whitetail deer. You'll also learn the primitive skills necessary to process your deer into food, clothing, and other items used in the production more

Designed for the beginner. Digitally re-mastered from the original with never before seen footage. Easy to learn flint knapping techniques. The companion DVD to the popular book; The Art of Flint Knapping.

D.C. Waldorf covers some areas where flint knappers more

Some of the best knapping footage ever filmed, this video certainly belongs in the library of any flint knapper interested in obsidian. 120 minutes long. By D.C. Waldorf.

  • A must have for any who use obsidian
  • Approx. 120 min long

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This introduction to modern flint knapping. Includes information on stone types/sources, stone heating with electricity and campfire, spalling, antler/metal billet percussion, and pressure techniques.

The folks at Native Way set out to give you a strategy for more
Everything you need to know to make your own wood arrows. It's THE most comprehensive DVD on building wooden arrows available anywhere! All aspects of crafting wood arrows are shown; grading, sorting, spining, straightening, staining, sealing, cresting, and much, more
Every hunter is looking for that extra edge for hunting season. This DVD shows you how to get and keep that edge with super sharp broadheads!

Gary and Connie Renfro show you how to get and maintain an extra sharp edge on your broadheads using a variety of more
Join Gary and Connie Renfro as they take you into the wood shop and show you some jigs and fixtures that Gary has made to build footed arrows, and explains how to build all of the jigs and fixtures that are shown. Go in-depth with this 3½ hour instructional DVD.
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The Atlatl or Spear-Thrower was first used by human beings over 30,000 years ago, predating the bow and arrow by several thousand years. This primitive projectile weapon transformed early humans from scavengers to predators.

On this amazing DVD Bob Berg from more
Pro string builder Chad Weaver and IBO champion Rod Jenkins use there nearly 50 years of string building experience with more than 10,000 built bow strings made to teach you how to build 2-bundle and 3-bulndle Flemish twist bow strings and an endless loop bow string. DVD also more

John and Chris Eberhart take you behind the scenes and share the secrets they have used to take over thirty record book whitetails in heavily hunted areas.

Volume 1 is subtitled "Preparation" and concentrates on the importance of post season scouting more

Join John Eberhart behind the scenes while he pre-season scouts for pressured mature bucks.

Volume 2 is subtitled "Pre-Season Scouting" and concentrates on the fragile concept of proper pre-season scouting without turning mature bucks nocturnal prior to more