Youth Gloves & Tabs

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Finally, a youth archery tab designed for the smallest of hands. Calf hair facing with a suede leather back for the very best quality. For small children ages 3-6 years old. Available in right handed only (wore on right hand).
Beginners and experts alike love these finger savers! They're the perfect fit for kids, and an ideal substitute for gloves when you're bowfishing! Just slide them on your bow string and they not only protect sensitive fingers, they help keep the arrow on the string and allow more
This Neet leather youth glove is just the right size for most kids interested in youth archery. The elastic back assures a comfortable fit. The Velcro® wrist attachment allows easy-on and easy-off, and the smooth leather tips offer a slick release for clean string more

Made of a strong, soft material, Pine Ridge’s Finger Savers allow you to shoot a bow without using a finger tab or glove. Simply install the Finger Saver just below your nocking point and you’ll be ready to shoot.

Perfect for beginning shooters, the more

Good starter shooting tab for kids. Made to fit most kids ages 6 to 12 years old. Recommended to trim excess leather off to custom fit your young archer. Choose right or left handed. more

Perfectly sized for kids. The deer tanned cowhide leather is very comfortable and the simple hook and loop closure means easy-on/off. Soft, long lasting leather armguard protects from string slap and uses stretch cord for adjustability and makes it easy to put on. more