String Silencers

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The Stiktamer was specifically designed for the recurve shooter. Made of a hybrid foam rubber material, Stiktamer is designed to deaden string slap and limb vibration. More than a bow silencer, the Stiktamer is a protective cradle for the hook when using a bow hanger or as a more
Perfect for dampening string-slap noise on recurve bows. Padding right where the bow string meets the recurve limb. Adhesive backed and pre-cut for easy installing on your bow. Very slick to stop noise without slowing down your bow. Sold by the pair. Black. more
Get in the groove with these String Groove Pads.

A nifty little solution for reducing string slap, these String Groove Pads fit on your bow string near the string groove on your bow. Not only do they reduce string slap, but they are light weight for zero more
Felt is great for dampening string-slap noise on recurve bows. This is an adhesive backed 3-5/8" X 9½" sheet that allows you to cut to your needs. Install in your string grooves, or around the arrow shelf to dampen bow noise. Sold by the each. more

Llama wool is light, strong, and nearly waterproof. Everything you need in a natural string silencer. Easy to install and no maintenance. Sold in a 2-pack. Color varies.

HOW TO INSTALL: With the string off the bow, spread the strands of the string more

Unlike heavy hide or synthetic based silencers, Navajo silencers are ultra-lightweight and retain performance, while exceptionally dampening vibration. Due to its rugged, waterproof, lightweight, performance retaining, and vibration dampening qualities, Navajo wool is nature' more

String silencers made from tanned beaver hide are naturally water repellent and super quiet. Sometimes called "Beaver Balls." Sold by the pair. Available in black and brown. Please specify. more
They are the age-old enemies of every archer... vibration, noise, and hand-shock. Fortunately those old problems have a new solution with the OMP Remedy™ Vibration Dampener.

The Remedy™ reduces string oscillation, noise, and hand more

Made with equal length strands of natural wool, Wooly Whispers are light, durable, and water resistant. The natural camouflage will compliment the "traditional" look of any bow. Easy to install, directions included. Natural wool, colors vary. Color varies. more
Otter fur is perfectly suited for making bow string silencers. The thick under-fur and dark guard hairs quiet bow strings fast without taking away from bow performance. Sold by the pair. more
Tanned muskrat hide is naturally water repellent, and resist matting better than any other fur silencer. They're super quiet and come packaged two strips to a package. Color may vary. more
No other bow dampener shuts down noise and vibration faster or performs better than Limbsaver®! These thin disks conform to any limb and feature an industrial strength super adhesive bond. Each Mini Limbsaver® is .35" high, with a diameter of .85", and weight more