Bow Building

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This starter kit includes everything you need to start making your own bow. Includes:
  • A Fast Flight® Tillering Rope - The bottom is pre-tied in a bowyers knot for your convenience. This all Fast Flight® construction produces the longest lasting more
Master Bowyer and owner of Rattlestick Bows, Gary S. Davis, shares his 27 years of bow building passion in this all encompassing 2½ hour DVD!

Gary is one of the most experienced and prolific bowyers working today. In this comprehensive DVD he shares his more
The StavePress is the perfect bowyers tool! It holds wood firmly and gently, preserving the integrity of the wood grain as you work your stave. The StavePress was designed to firmly hold irregularly shaped wood such as rough staves, or hand-carved furniture pieces without more
If you're interested in making a selfbow, you should take a look at these Hickory Flatbow blanks! These kits comes roughed out in a classic flatbow design. This kit makes it easy for anyone to make a nice selfbow in a fraction of the time it would take if you started with a raw more

Osage lumber for building laminated wood bows. This lumber does not follow growth rings and a backing strip of some sort is required. Approx. 5/8" x 1½" x 72". Extra shipping required. Please note that our supply is limited and availability may more

All 1-1/2" laminations are 36" long with a .001 per inch taper. Sold by the pair.

  • Taper of .001 per inch
  • Sold by the pair
  • Approximately 36" x 1-1/2"

See Printable Bow Lamination Chart PDF< more

Fiberglass is the most popular and dependable backing material you can use when building a laminated bow. Gordon's fiberglass is the brand of choice for bowyers all over the World, from professionals to novice alike. What makes this fiberglass great for bow building is that it more

Less expensive than real snakeskin, yet just as attractive, these Artificial Snakeskin Backings are an affordable and effective way to back your bow. Available in Rattlesnake and Copperhead, these cloth backings apply easily, and with just a coat of finish will have all of more

Start making your wood bow today, with this Hickory Bow Blank with Bloodwood Accents! Each kit comes with a Hickory belly, bamboo backing, bloodwood handle, and bloodwood tip overlays already glued together.

Easily build an English style longbow or a Howard Hill style more

Similar to the old "Coopers" bench, or the German schnitzelbank workbench. This bench is heavy duty, and with a little leg pressure, securely holds your bow in place while you work. (Bow and tools not included). Seat height is 24". Assembly required.

Please Note: This more

Easy to mix, easy to use. For all laminated bows. Works for bamboo backed bows too. This is the epoxy that nearly every bowyer in the United States uses. For use on fiberglass laminated bows and any other wood-to-wood or wood-to-bamboo applications. Sold as a 2 pint set (one more

These are quality Hickory backing strips for bowmaking. Whether you're backing a solid bow or gluing up several laminations, the Hickory backing is a durable backing. Grain configurations vary and the strips are approximately 1/8" x 1.5" x 68"-72". Extra more