Arrow Rests & Plates

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The Roller Rest installs in your plunger hole. The simple design features a rust-proof Delrin roller on a brass shaft. Very easy to install and adjust for centershot. Due to simple design and material it may even increase your bowfishing arrows speed by up to 10 feet per more

The Brush Rest is the perfect combo of nostalgia and function! An oldie, but goodie. Adhesive backed for easy mounting. more

This Full Capture Arrow Rest features a design that's perfect for beginners. It fits right or left handed bows. Buy it as a replacement for the arrow rest in the Easton Beginner Archery Set, or for spare arrow rests to keep more

The same bow rest and plate that comes on most Bear Archery recurve bows. The carpet style arrow rest and smooth leather side plate are easy to trim to fit and provide the perfect look and protection for your bow. Fits right and left handed bows. Adhesive backed. more

Another shot from the past. Replica of Bear Archery leather side plate. Genuine, high quality leather with an adhesive backing. Color may vary. Measures approximately 1¼" x 7/8". more
This strike plate is a replica of the original leather strike plate found on the Bear Kodiak's of the 1959-1960's. Adhesive backed for easy installing. Measures approximately 2" x 1-3/8". Color may vary. more
An all-weather, ultra sticky premium mounting tape. Perfect for use with bow grips, arrow holders, and arrow rests that don't come with their own adhesive backings, or ones that have worn out from wear 'n tear. Literally hundreds of uses. Keep a few squares in your archer's more

Bowfishing just became a whisker more fun! The Cajun Bowfishing Fishing Biscuit Arrow Rest is a great way to keep arrows secure on your bow when bowfishing.

Cajun has specially designed this Fishing Biscuit for bowfishing with rustproof stainless steel more

This all-natural beaver hair rest material is extra slick hair that is quieter, and more durable than calf hair. Measures approximately 2" x 2" to be more than enough material for two or three arrow rests AND plates. Not adhesive backed. Requires glue to install. We recommend read more
One of the hardest things about bowhunting is the wait. The Arrow Anchor makes waiting easier! It holds your arrow firmly on your longbow or recurve shelf while you wait for your big buck, or for your turn on the range. When you're ready to shoot, the Arrow Anchor simply flips more

The replacement adhesive pad for the Super T-300 Flipper Arrow Rest. One size fits right and left handed.

See Super T-300 Flipper Rest

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Adhesive Backed Camo Moleskin Pads are great to use as bow grips, sight window pads, arrow rests, or any other gear you'd like to give a touch of camo. Prevents noise, insulates, and protects metals. Camouflages bright or shiny surfaces. Perfect for use on treestands, bows, or more