Recurve Lazer String - 64"Item Number: 1521-64
$26.99 $26.99
Recurve Lazer String - 64

Recurve Lazer String - 64"

Item Number: 1521-64
$26.99 $26.99

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The Lazer Traditional HP Recurve bow strings utilize modern features and function and still maintains a pure Traditional look. More adjustable than an endless loop, faster than a Flemish twist. The Best of both worlds!

Built for today's high performance bows (FastFlight® compatible). Lazer bow strings are pre-stretched for almost instant "shoot-in" time. They offer minimal string noise. Made of 16 strands in 2-bundles of green and bronze Astro Flight string material. The end loops are black D1 serving and are center served with green crown serving. Do not use Seal tite string wax on these bow strings.

  • Built for today's high performance bows
  • Almost instant "shoot-in" time
  • Minimal string noise. Pre-stretched
  • Only for FastFlight® compatible bows
  • 16 strand, 2-bundles of green and bronze Astro Flight material
  • Loops are black D1 serving, center served with green crown serving

Note: Order by string length not bow length, 1" increments. Available in lengths of 48", and 52" - 64". Please specify.

Measure the bow string you have and round up to the nearest full inch. These strings will stretch a bit as they are broken in. If you don't know the length of your bow string a good rule of thumb is that longbow will take a string 3" shorter than they are marked and a recurve takes a 4" shorter bow string. So, if your bow is a recurve and is marked AMO 60", a 56" bow string should fit.

NOTE: High Performance string material is not recommended for all bows. Please check with your bow's manufacturer to see if your bow is rated "Fast Flight compatible." For older bows or ones you cannot confirm are compatible, we recommend B-50 string material.