Hydro-Glide Bowfishing Arrow RestItem Number: 6026
$25.99 $16.99
Hydro-Glide Bowfishing Arrow Rest

Hydro-Glide Bowfishing Arrow Rest

Item Number: 6026
$25.99 $16.99

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The Hydro-Glide arrow rest is a break-through in bowfishing technology. The Hydro-Glide rest offers simple setup, assuring perfect center shot for superior accuracy, making snap-shooting or still-shooting a breeze! The Hydro-Glide rest holds the arrow in place while helping you shoot straight!

Manufactured from an extremely durable, lightweight material, the Hydro-Glide rest comes installed with stainless-steel hardware. The Hydro-Glide rest features UAG - Ultimate Arrow Guidance Technology. UAG Technology is the technology that the channel provides, allowing you to shoot faster, straighter, and more accurate than ever before! The side walls of the channel guide the arrow like a bullet being fired from a gun. UAG Technology ensures increased arrow flight and deeper penetration. In addition to the guidance that UAG Technology offers, the side walls of the Hydro-Glide rest act as a center-shot alignment aid, in turn causing your arrow to fly perfectly straight.

Mounts to plunger hole. The Hydro-Glide rest easily converts from right to left hand in just seconds.

  • Features Ultimate Arrow Guidance Technology
  • Increased Arrow Flight and Deeper Penetration
  • Mounts to plunger hole
  • Easily converts from right to left hand
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