HushPuk® Bow SilencersItem Number: 3045-01
$18.25 $18.25
Made in the US
HushPuk® Bow Silencers

HushPuk® Bow Silencers

Item Number: 3045-01
$18.25 $18.25
Made in the US

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Made of a special polymer material, the HushPuk® bow silencer will stick securely your favorite takedown, recurve or longbow. With the added benefit of being repositionable without losing sticking strength, no other bow silencer dampening product can duplicate the HushPuk's performance.

The HushPuk® was designed to adhere to any location on the bow, including all accessories such as sights, cams and rests. The HushPuk® can also be applied to game calls to increase tonal dimension and add realism.

HushPuks are a low profile, repositionable, bow silencing, tuning device, which removes noise and vibration from limbs and accessories, and creates a custom feel for comfort and confidence with no loss of kinetic energy.

The HushPuk® delivers less noise, less shock, less string jump, more comfort, more confidence and complete vibration management.

Bow set ups, like shooters, vary. Customize your gear with HushPuk®.
  • Effective on any bow
  • Easy to move without losing sticking strength
  • Popular with traditional equipment, competition recurves, and compound hunting bows
  • Won't move unless you want it to move
  • Approximately 2" L x 1/2" W x 1/4" H and weighs approximately .1 ounce each or approximately 35 grains each