Hoyt Arrow Rack Bow QuiverItem Number: 2527X
$123.99 $114.99
Hoyt Arrow Rack Bow Quiver

Hoyt Arrow Rack Bow Quiver

Item Number: 2527X
$123.99 $114.99

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Imagine, you're in your treestand. You call in a huge buck... the one you've been waiting for all season. You reach for an arrow... and your bow quiver rattles. The buck is spooked, and you've lost that shot of a lifetime.

Now imagine how different things might have been if you'd had the Hoyt Arrow Rack™ Bow Quiver. Hoyt's Shock Rod Technology reduces noise and vibration up to 32%. That's the difference between being busted and being successful.

The Arrow Rack™ also provides an ultra-tight fit to your bow. Plus, you'll enjoy custom positioning, allowing you to move the hood up or down depending upon your arrow length. Hoyt's carbon composites and aircraft grade aluminum construction give you an extremely lightweight and durable quiver.

Studies show that deer can hear as well as humans. So chances are, if you can hear your bow quiver rattling, so can that big buck you've been dreaming about.

Don't take any chances! Put this Hoyt Bow Quiver on your bow for extreme noise reduction through Shock Rod Technology!

Available in Black Out finish in 4-arrow and 6-arrow models. Please specify. 4-arrow model weighs approx. 7.2 ounces. 6-arrow model weighs approx. 8 ounces. Comes with spare hood foam and mounting hardware.