"How-to" Construct the Asiatic Composite Bow DVDItem Number: 7530-1
$35.99 $35.99
Made in the US

"How-to" Construct the Asiatic Composite Bow DVD

Item Number: 7530-1
$35.99 $35.99
Made in the US

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John McPherson LIVES primitive technologies. He's a master of primitive living skills and even teaches these skills to the INSTRUCTORS of the US Army Special Forces survival school. (SERE) With a recommendation like that, you know his information is reliable.

In this film, John shows you how to build Asiatic Composite horn bows using primitive tools. Nearly two full hours, packed with highly detailed information. Information on these bows is pretty scarce, we're pleased to have access to this film.
  • Information on these types of bows is scarce
  • Covers everything from start to finish
  • Approximately 120 minutes long