GrizzlyStik Ashby 315gr 2-Blade Screw-In Broadheads Item Number: 4416X
$148.99 $148.99
GrizzlyStik Ashby 315gr 2-Blade Screw-In Broadheads

GrizzlyStik Ashby 315gr 2-Blade Screw-In Broadheads

Item Number: 4416X
$148.99 $148.99

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When asked what elements were needed for the ultimate big/dangerous game broadhead, Dr. Ed Ashby made a list of mandatory design aspects. Alaska Bowhunting Supply took that list and for 18 months they engineered, tested, and redesigned until they got it right. Designed to be the World's Ultimate Big Game and Dangerous Game broadhead.

Forged from a solid piece of 440C Stainless steel. The Ashby has a Straight edge for a slightly better penetration advantage over convex design broadheads. The blades are .072" thick with a 25° single bevel edge for strength and to be incredibly sharp. The Tanto tip is for durability and cut-on-contact reliability. The Ashby is heat treated to a 58 on the Rockwell scale to hold a razor sharp edge. Razor Sharp right from the package.

The low-profile 23/64" diameter ferrule creates a hole larger than your arrow's diameter to improve penetration.

Designed to fit all carbon and aluminum arrows as they have an industry standard 8-32 thread. This is the same thread used by all arrow inserts (except Easton Deep Six).

Measures approximately 2-5/8" long by 1-3/16" cutting width. Weight 315 grains only. Sold by the 3-pack.

Available in Left wing bevel and Right wing bevel. Please specify.