GloryNock Lighted Nocks 3-packItem Number: 0175X
$32.99 $32.99
Made in the US
GloryNock Lighted Nocks 3-pack

GloryNock Lighted Nocks 3-pack

Item Number: 0175X
$32.99 $32.99
Made in the US

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LIMITED STOCK, G model in blue is all that is left. 

The GloryNock is a quantum leap forward in lighted nock innovations! The GloryNock is bow string activated, with no tools or assembly required.

Simple to use, the GloryNock has no holes for blood or debris to clog and interfere with performance. The LED light is extremely bright, and allows you to see shot placement, as well as recover your arrow. The GloryNock is incredibly durable and lightweight at approximately 20 grains each.

When your arrow is nocked on the bow string the plunger inside the GloryNock is depressed, keeping the light off. Once the arrow is released from the string, the plunger springs back and the light comes on. This enables you to keep an arrow on the string, ready to go without the GloryNock accidentally lighting up. Other brands of lighted nocks sometimes light up if they are bumped or jostled.

There's also a button on the side of the GloryNock lighted nock that ma kes it easy to switch the light off.

One of the best features of the GloryNock is the FIT bushing system that allows you to adapt the nock to fit most any arrow shaft. Includes bushings to adapt your GloryNock to fit your arrow's inside diameter of: X (.204"), GT (.246" ID), S (.244" ID), H (.233"), or FIT (direct fit for X model with all adapters).

Available in red, blue, or green, in X, GT, S, G, or FIT model (with three sets of bushings - GT, S, and H), please specify. Sold by the 3-pack.

  • GloryNock X fits arrow ID .204"
  • GloryNock GT fits arrow IDs .245" - .246"
  • GloryNock S fits arrow ID .244"
  • GloryNock G fits arrow ID .166"
  • GloryNock H (FIT bushing) fits arrow ID .233"
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm