The Gill-Atine Throwfishing SpearItem Number: 1602
$149.99 $149.99
Made in the US Overweight product, additional charges may apply
The Gill-Atine Throwfishing Spear

The Gill-Atine Throwfishing Spear

Item Number: 1602
$149.99 $149.99
Made in the US Overweight product, additional charges may apply

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The Gill-Atine Throwfishing Spear turns you into a primal hunter! A modern take on a primitive weapon, the Gill-Atine is constructed from corrosive resistant materials. This makes it an ideal fishing spear.

Get back to spear throwing faster with the no-touch twist release point! This wicked point features three serrated barbs to give you extra holding power and penetration. But it also easily releases with just a few twists. No need to handle the fish. If you ever want to replace the point, the Gill-Atine accepts any APS style point by RPM Bowfishing.

Features solid stainless steel and aluminum construction, but with a convenient weight of approximately 3 pounds. The Gill-Atine features a replaceable 9" x 3/8" hardened stainless steel shaft, a stainless steel front weight, solid aluminum end cap with eyelet, and a black anodized hollow aluminum pole handle.

Comes with 20 feet of reflective paracord retrieval line and an adjustable strap.

Approximately 53" from end of the handle to tip of the point.

Get on the water and get into the action with the Gill-Atine Throwfishing spear!

  • Replaceable 3 Barb Point with 3 Twist Release
  • Replaceable 9" x 3/8" Hardened Stainless Steel Shaft
  • Stainless Steel Beveled Front Weight
  • Solid Aluminum End Cap with Eyelet
  • 20' Reflective Paracord Retrieval Line and Adjustable Strap Included
  • Black Anodized Hollow Aluminum Pole Handle