Fast Fire StickItem Number: 65836
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Fast Fire Stick

Fast Fire Stick

Item Number: 65836
$10.50 $10.50

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One of the most vital components of any fire starting set-up is the tinder. With Procamptek's Fast Fire Stick you'll always have reliable fire-starting tinder on hand.

Extremely versatile, portable, clean, and efficient, the Fast Fire Stick is easy to use. Simply use your knife to cut off a small piece. The fibers inside ignite quickly and easily. All you need is a spark from your flint & steel, ferro rod, or matches. Even an old lighter that's run out of lighter fluid can spark a fire with the Fast Fire Stick.

The Fast Fire Stick fibers are long burning, giving you plenty of time to add twigs and kindling to build a nice fire. The entire stick is flammable, so you can burn the wrapper as well. The Fast Fire Stick is made from non-toxic materials, and it is weather resistant and long lasting. You can store it away until you need it.

Each 6" x 1" stick is small and compact enough to carry in a pack, pocket, or pouch.

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