Fanatic XL Turkey Reaping DecoyItem Number: 69101-01
$79.99 $79.99
Fanatic XL Turkey Reaping Decoy

Fanatic XL Turkey Reaping Decoy

Item Number: 69101-01
$79.99 $79.99

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Take your turkey hunting to a whole new level! The Fanatic XL Decoy from Montana Decoys combines a large size with photo realism for one of the best "reaping" decoys on the market!

Reaping is a time-tested hunting technique where the hunter hides behind the decoy, enticing in the big toms to investigate. A successful reap can result in a harvest measured at feet rather than yards.

You'll be amazed that such a large decoy is so lightweight and portable. Folded up it's a mere 11" x 11". Unfolded it's an impressive 31" x 33". That's big enough to rile up the gobblers and bring a trophy tom into range.

Features a see-through mesh window, so you can see the turkeys without them seeing you. The Fanatic XL also has a front and rear image of an actual wild turkey in strut. The perfect size for full concealment.

You'll also get a turkey foot base, allowing you to set up your Fanatic XL on any surface. The foot base can also be used as a convenient handle to help you stalk up on turkeys. The Fanatic XL Decoy folds up for easy transport. Plus, it works with other Montana turkey decoys.

Please note: Check your local game laws and know your hunting area before using the Fanatic XL Turkey Decoy. Reaping is an exciting tactic, but there is a risk when using a decoy in close proximity to a hunter.
    Product Information
  • Weight (with turkey foot base): 31 oz.
  • Weight (without turkey foot base): 20 oz.
  • Folded: 11" x 11"
  • Unfolded: 31" x 33"