Easton T64 FMJ Tapered Carbon Arrow Shafts Item Number: 67422X
$159.99 $159.99
Made in the US
Easton T64 FMJ Tapered Carbon Arrow Shafts

Easton T64 FMJ Tapered Carbon Arrow Shafts

Item Number: 67422X
$159.99 $159.99
Made in the US

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Big game doesn't go down easy. You need the perfect combination of FOC (front of center) weight and accuracy. Easton Archery brings you the best of both with their T64 Full Metal Jacket arrow shafts!

These tapered carbon arrow shafts are called T64 because they have a 6mm diameter at the point end that seamlessly tapers down to a 4mm micro-diameter at the nock end. Giving you an additional 30% FOC weight without adding point weight, allowing for better long-range accuracy. The micro-diameter taper at the nock end grants maximum penetration due to less friction on pass through.

Tapered carbon arrow shafts also have greater fletching clearance for faster shot recovery and less wind drag. This transfers more of the bow's kinetic energy to the arrow for better speed and improved accuracy.

Like all Full Metal Jacket carbon arrow shafts, the T64 utilizes a high-strength N-FUSED® carbon core bonded to a precision 7075 alloy jacket. The alloy finish allows for easier removal from targets.

Full Metal Jackets have had years of success in the field, taking down big game all over the world. This new design combines FOC and accuracy for even more killing power.

T64 Full Metal Jackets are straightened to the highest industry specifications. Easton has coaxially aligned these carbon shafts to ±3 milliradian, making it the most precise hunting arrow on the market today. Uses standard components (6mm for point end, 4mm for nock end).

Available in 310 or 375 spine. Please specify.

    Please Note:
  • Cutting from the front end of the shaft will weaken the spine, (max cut line is laser etched on front of shaft).
  • Cutting from the nock end of the shaft will stiffen the spine (no cut limit from back).

Comes with Deep Six Nocks (6 grains) and 18 grain Easton ST Inserts. Sold by the 6-pack.

Click here for Easton's T64 Arrow Shaft selection chart.

T64 Full Metal Jacket Carbon Shafting Specifics
Deflection/Spine Point GPI Length Insert Nock
7.9 (310) 9/32" 13.3 avg/16.3 front/11.3 rear 32" 18 gr Deep 6 G
9.5 (375) 9/32" 12.2 avg/14.0 front/11.2 rear 30" 18 gr Deep 6 G
Tolerances      Straightness: ±3 milliradian       Weight:  ±2 grains

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