Deep Six Thunderhead Razor 3-Blade Screw-In BroadheadsItem Number: 60407
$39.99 $39.99
Made in the US
Deep Six Thunderhead Razor 3-Blade Screw-In Broadheads

Deep Six Thunderhead Razor 3-Blade Screw-In Broadheads

Item Number: 60407
$39.99 $39.99
Made in the US

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The D6 Thunderhead Razor is a fixed-blade broadhead that has field point accuracy and is tough on all types of game. The offset blades and new over-bore technology create large wound channels, which allows your arrow to penetrate deeper for quicker recoveries. Sold in a 3-pack. Weigh 100 grains each.
  • Extreme Penetration
  • Over-bore technology and offset blades create large wound channels for better penetration
  • Field Point Accuracy
  • New Longer Trophy Tip
  • New longer Trophy Tip helps make larger entry and exit holes for better blood trails
  • 1-1/8" Cutting Diameter
  • Compatible with Easton Deep Six inserts
The new Deep Six standard in arrow components has been designed and optimized specifically for new micro OD (outside diameter) arrows such as the Easton Injexion™ to promote increased accuracy and penetration. Deep Six broadheads deliver the highest levels of strength and accuracy to today's bowhunter.
    The Deep Six Broadhead Advantage
  • Slimmer "Boat Tail" Ferrule Design
  • More precise fit for Micro OD (outside diameter) arrows
  • Broadhead ferrule is 40% larger than arrow shaft, which creates larger wound channel and then tapers back to precisely mate with arrow shaft
  • Increased penetration over standard broadhead designs by decreasing friction and clamping pressure
  • Decreased wind planning helps to increase down-range accuracy
  • Increased ballistic coefficient and penetration
  • Additional Threads & Tighter Tolerances
  • Increased thread engagement for more precise broadhead to arrow alignment
  • Tighter machining tolerances for less broadhead wobble & more accurate flight
  • Decreases likelihood for broadhead to come loose
    NAP D6 Broadheads are compatible with the following Easton Arrows when using Deep Six inserts:
  • Carbon Injexion™
  • A/C Injexion™
  • Axis®
  • Full Metal Jacket™
  • Beman Bone Collector
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