DAS™ Limb Bushing (Border)Item Number: 8177-6
$25.99 $25.99
Made in the US
DAS™ Limb Bushing (Border)

DAS™ Limb Bushing (Border)

Item Number: 8177-6
$25.99 $25.99
Made in the US

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We've taken the world's most versatile bow to the next level! These new limb bushings from DAS™ allow you to convert your favorite Border ILF limbs to fit a DAS™ connection riser. Imagine, the Olympic performance of your favorite ILF limbs with the hunting quiet stealth of DAS Bows™! No other metal riser bow offers you that much versatility, that much power, and that much performance!

Measures: Overall .945", the shoulder is .08", and the shaft is .865"
  • Convert ILF Limbs to fit your DAS™ connection riser
  • Hunting Quiet
  • Olympic Performance
Click Here for Limb Fitting Instructions

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm