DAS™ Recurve Limbs Item Number: 8165X
$474.99 $314.99 - $599.99
Made in the US
DAS™ Recurve Limbs

DAS™ Recurve Limbs

Item Number: 8165X
$474.99 $314.99 - $599.99
Made in the US

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New! RGS Carbon Limbs!

DAS™ Bow LIMBS are a crucial part to DAS Bows™. Not only do we offer recurve and longbow limbs in Black or Woodland Hunter, but we offer different core material. Choose which material, finish, and style fits your needs and get shooting. Best part is, if you every want to try something different, get replacement DAS™ limbs and they will all fit your DAS™ riser.

We offer our DAS™ Bow Limbs in four sizes: Short, Medium, Long, and Extra-Long. Our new Extra-Long limbs are perfect for target archers, because the carbon makes it extremely stable for the length and you get a super smooth draw force that is less than 2# per inch to 32".

Foam Core: Foam Core Limbs offer smooth drawing, fast speeds, stability, and solid performance. Weather conditions have zero effect on limb performance. Stabil-Kore™ is a light weight core material which gives bow limbs lateral and torsion rigidity. Stabil-Kore™ is a proprietary composite that can be used as an alternative to carbon to increase efficiency and add multi-directional attributes, reinforce limbs, increasing cast, and eliminating nearly all lateral twisting for better in-line recovery and more energy down range.

Wood Core: High quality Maple core limbs are smooth shooting and cost effective for the hunter on a budget. Expect high dollar performance out of these smooth shooting limbs.

RGS Carbon: These limbs feature a classic design by Earl Hoyt Jr., yet also have the latest core and backing materials. The combination of carbonized-bamboo cores and RGS carbon fiber delivers super stability, draw, and performance, taking this traditional limb design to a new level.

Put DAS™ recurve limbs on your Dalaa® recurve DAS™ riser for the perfect combination of speed and performance. On the DX5 longbow DAS™ riser they add a sleek and slim look to your recurve bow. Choose length and bow weight at 28" in Woodland Hunter or Black.

DAS™ Recurve Limbs
15" Riser
17" Riser
21" Riser
56" 40-60#
58" 40-60#
62" 35-55#
58" 40-60#
60" 40-60#
64" 35-55#
60" 40-60#
62" 40-60#
66" 35-55#
62" 25-45#
64" 25-45#
68" 22-42#