Crafting Traditional Flemish Strings DVDItem Number: 4071-3
$15.99 $15.99
Made in the US
Crafting Traditional Flemish Strings DVD

Crafting Traditional Flemish Strings DVD

Item Number: 4071-3
$15.99 $15.99
Made in the US

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An easy to understand DVD that will show you how to make your own Flemish Twist bow strings in no time. Join Dale Karch, owner of 3Rivers Archery, and world-renowned longbow shooter Byron Ferguson as they take you on a string making journey. Making your own Flemish twist strings is easy and this 30 minute DVD shows you everything you need to know with our straightforward, simple system. It's all here!

So many people are willing to make their own bows, but not their own bow strings. There's nothing to it! Let us help you learn to make your own Flemish strings. Order your copy today!
    Topics Covered:
  • How to use a string board
  • Calculating string length
  • Cutting and tapering bundles
  • Laying out the bundles
  • Twisting the string loops
  • Use of serving jigs
  • Stretching the string
  • Serving the string
  • Proper tying off the serving
  • Waxing the string
  • Brownell String Materials
  • B50 and Fast Flight®
  • Nylon and Fast Flight® Serving
  • Plus other small tricks that make string making a breeze!